Thursday, April 21, 2011

SOLD OUT...: ZULU straps -- Big Selection -- $18 each--

You don't have to pay a lot for a good quality strap.

These are the original one piece design nylon ZULU strap. Made with 100% cross weave heavy duty balistic nylon and stainless steel hardware. Each strap is 11" long with 15 adjustment holes. Made to fit almost any wrist from 5.5" to 9". Perfect for your serious dive watches, even if all your diving is at a desk. They also look good on a lot of other watches. These straps are constructed to last and will offer years of long wear and service. Made in Germany. Try one today.

Click on picture to see full view.

These 7 solid colors are available in 20 mm and 22 mm.
od green
desert tan
dark blue

These Black straps have a 4 mm color accent stripe woven right into the fabric. Perfect for adding a little color to your watch. Available in 20 mm and 22 mm only with stripe colors of:

If your tastes run more to the Bond's , try one of these black/grey Bond ZULU's. Made from the heavy duty thick ZULU fabric not the thinner NATO fabric like so many are.
Available in 20 mm or 22 mm.
Black/Grey Bond

You can pay more, but you won't get a better strap.

Price of $18 each includes USPS First Class shipping in US and CANADA.
Shipping elsewhere will be at cost.
Paypal, MO, Check or Cash are all accepted.

My terms are simple. If you buy one of these straps and don't like it for any reason, send it back unworn and I will refund your money.

Thanks for looking.

email = paypal

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